TERMS AND CONDITIONS:    It is understood that the only occupant (1) listed above are to occupy the premises.  Any occupant wishing to make changes to this arrangement must report proposed change to the property management for approval and requires the operators written approval.  The applicants are advised to have insurance coverage in sufficient amount of liability and for their personal contents against fire, theft and water damage risk.  This agreement will be read thoroughly before acceptance. Hereinafter, jointly, severally and collectively called the “Occupant (s)” for the property located at 117 Christina Street, N., Sarnia, ON and is occupying for residential purposes, for the terms of this temporary living accommodation agreement. Occupant agrees that he/she (and any occupancy or invitee) will abide by these Terms and Conditions and all rules and regulations of the Property.  The Operator reserves the right to remove any guest due to misconduct or violation of these Terms and Conditions or such rules and regulations. Occupants agree and understand that the Operator has a vested interest in the security, upkeep and condition of the premises and agrees to notify the Operator as soon as reasonably possible of any and all repairs, defects, maintenance or any drastic changes in the condition of the property.  Occupants agree to permit the Operator or agent of the Operator, with 24 hours notice, at any reasonable time to enter the premises for the purposes of exhibiting the same or making repairs on behalf of the Operator’s interest in the property. Occupant will be liable for payment for loss of keys, remotes, laundry cards (charges incurred for items if not returned immediately upon move out) or for any damages to the accommodation unit and its furnishings or fixtures or the common areas of the Property due to negligence, neglect or abuse of guest, any occupant or invitee (including any extra cleaning or repairs required, at Operators discretion.) Occupant will defend, indemnify and hold Operator harmless of any claims, losses or expenses arising from the Occupants or guests use of the unit or common areas of the Property. Agreement fees are due and payable in advance.  The occupant agrees to pay the Operator all fees and costs, including reasonable fees by attorneys or collection agencies, incurred in efforts to collect all amounts due. All units are non-smoking.  If it is found that the occupants or guests are smoking in the unit, the occupant(ss) may be evicted immediately without notice or refund.  If it is found after check out that smoking did occur, there will be a minimum $500 additional charge. Pets are not permitted. Occupants may not assign or transfer this unit or any part thereof or permit the use of the unit by anyone other than the occupant and permitted guests. Occupant represent and warrants and covenants to Operator the occupants use and occupancy of the unit is of a transient nature and the unit is not intended to be used as a permanent address of the occupant.  This agreement is not a lease and is not intended to convey to occupant any real property interest or estate in or to the unit or any portion of the property.  Occupant agrees to surrender and deliver up premises at the end of this agreement, without demand in as good order and condition as when entered upon. Occupants agree not to use the demised premises or permit the same to be used for illegal, immoral or improper purposes and agree not to make or permit to be made, any disturbances, noise or annoyance whatsoever detrimental to the premises, or the comfort land peace of the inhabitants in the vicinity of the premises.  House parties are not allowed under any circumstances.  If occupants are found in violation, occupancy will be terminated immediately with no refund. The occupant acknowledges the operator is not responsible for the loss of personal possessions in the event of fire, theft or other circumstances not under the control of occupant and/or guest’s articles left in the unit during occupancy or after departure.  The Company is advised to save harmless from and against all liability, damage, penalties, judgements or claims of whatever nature arising from injury, person, or property sustained by anyone in or about the unit and property. Unlimited internet package is included for two devices.  Occupant agrees to not let any standing water on the floors including but not limited to bathrooms.  No mats, towels etc. are to be left on floor wet and are to be hung up to dry.  Please ensure all utilities are turned off when not in use.  A refundable damage deposit is due upon signing in the amount of $500. This contract does not automatically renew.  If you would like to extend your stay, we must be notified one week prior to the end date of the contract. AVAILABILITY IS NOT GUARANTEED.  This contract is for a single occupant unless otherwise agreed upon at the time of signing.  Additional fees of $200 monthly will be applied for double occupancy.  Double occupancy does not provide an additional bed, linens.  One extra set of towels will be supplied.

CANCELLATION POLICY: If the booking is cancelled more than 31 days before booking date (i.e. move in date), there will be a $100 charge. If the booking is cancelled less than 31 days before the booking date (i.e. move in date) the damage deposit of $500 will not be refundable. All cancellations must be put in writing by sending an email to info@grem.ca